How do bisexual women sure their sexual orientation?

bi-dating-siteIf you want more about bisexual, the best bisexual dating site can help you. Today, we will discuss some difference from bisexual women and lesbian. I will give you my story. When I was young, I didn't play with boys, especially in primary and junior high school. I think it is easy but boring to struggle with boys, so I spent more time playing with the girls. They are cute and lovely, but they like playing with boys rather than me. So sad!

I admit that I was precocious, and when someone in the class was talking about lesbian, I found myself having a strange feeling about girls. At that time, I began to suspect that I was a lesbian. But I didn't tell anyone, because I was afraid it was a false feeling. When I was in junior high, gay novels and comics were very popular, and for the first time I officially understood lesbian and bisexual women. At that time, there were two girls in my friends who claimed to be lesbian, so there was a lot of gay talk between us, but I only supported lesbian. About bisexual, I think they are too open-minded to accept.

It was the first time I loved a girl, I was the monitor of our class and she is my partner. We studied and worked together for more than two years, and she became my friend from the start. Because our relationship = friend + partner, so we had lots of time to stay together. She was a very pretty girl with an outstanding temperament. She is a little older than me, and she always kept my mistakes, so I was really immersed in her gentleness. I liked to touch her body and wanted to possess her all the time. She had no antipathy to some of my cross-border acts, and sometimes even gave me a response. But as a bisexual single I didn’t show love to her. Then she got a boyfriend, so we drifted away. So am I is lesbian? The answer is no.

In senior high school, my girlfriend left me because some unimportant reasons. But I think so sad, at that time, I start drink, I began to smoke. From that time, I hate her, so I tried to date a man. I found a bisexual dating site, and there are so many hot men. Slowly I became obsessed with men, whose arms are so strong. Finally I understood that I’m a bisexual rather than lesbian. I can be attracted by women and men, so fun. Although I like these bi men, I still could not forget my ex-girlfriend. After a final exam, I braved the cold wind of winter and traveled through most of the cities to see her at her home. I still remember the feeling of joy and melancholy that I saw her. My boyfriend said he can accept FFM threesome, but I need ask my girlfriend for advice.

Although sometimes I fall in love with a boy, I still love her. Don’t think I’m a lesbian, I am Bi, and the boy’s body is attractive to me too.

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