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bi-dating-siteYou are special and a total individual rather than you are a “B” from LGBT. For bi cupid, gay guys, lesbian babies, Trans, It’s not something that’s chosen. To whom you’re attracted is an innate component of your identity. That’s why we prefer terms like sexual identity, sexuality, and even sexual orientation. The label is just to make it clear that sexuality is more than a lifestyle we actively choose. It’s who we are.

However, a number of people think bisexual is gay. I would claim a "gay lifestyle." A self-service bar that goes to Fire Island on weekends, nudibranch with gay friends, brunch, gay vernacular, entangled in Leather Dad - like calling everyone a gay man friend, you agree with a man - " She "worships mediocre pop artists and serves the eagle only as part of what I call a gay lifestyle.

So to speak, I do not think bisexuals are essentially "homosexuals." No one need to do these things is gay. Homosexuality and bisexuality are associated with physical and emotional attraction. However, they are something that many gay men share because it promotes a sense of community. That's what other gay men do, and the gay men they've done before have become part of these spaces and engaged in these spaces, making them feel safe and part of the community. In turn, this lifestyle helps them embrace their sexuality and connect them with other bisexuals.

I bring all this up because I think the distinction between lifestyle and sexuality is an important one, especially for bi individuals, they are different. Now I have one hell of a bisexual lifestyle. While I always knew this, a friend/someone I’m seeing/dating reminded me of this in a pretty interesting way I’d never thought about prior.

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I lost in thought; this was the first time I’ve ever been in bisexual relationship. Not just about myself, but about other bi people. Many bisexual men / women think they are gay, lesbian. Sometimes, they are bi curious, but not bi. Why? According to the survey, bisexuals can't get basic rights in the LGBT community, and they would be discriminated against by workers.

On the other hand, their reasoning, I realize now, is because they don’t partake in a gay or queer or bi (whatever you want to call it) lifestyle. They don’t feel a part of the gay or bi community because they aren’t hanging out with other queer individuals. They’re not engaging in those stereotypically “gay lifestyle” activities with other folks who identify as LGBTQ.

You can become a lesbian, bisexual woman or gender-equal who feel more comfortable in a straight-line space than homosexuals. For these labels, we have no need to care. Straight space made me feel very uncomfortable, because I tried hard to confront the poisonous masculinity; I think this temperament is more popular in straight men and rectilinear space. But one thousand people have a thousand views for “Harry Potter”, everyone is different. You are you, whether you feel most comfortable, safe and acceptable.

Regardless of your lifestyle is gay or bi, you’re still you, who are looking for dating with the others, and you’re still a part of the bi and LGBTQ community. Your sexuality is independent of what activities you like to engage in. Never feel you are gay or bi, and then obligated to engage in things simply because you feel like you should. Just do yourself.

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